Time Beacon Live Bar



Time Beacon Live house is a Ningbo based music label that aims to promote and provide for not only the local independent musicians, but musicians from across the globe.

Time Beacon is founded by a group of young, energetic music lovers who collaborates together, dedicated to create new platforms for musical/artistic creation. Although we are young, we still believe in professional craftsmanships in order to provide the best visual/sonic live experience, as well as our aesthetic pursuit.

Time Beacon Live Bar

¥25.00 Regular Price
¥20.00Sale Price

「灯塔音乐现场 集盒店」「TimeBeacon Jihe Plaza」

No.39 Xu Rong Rd. Yinzhou District Mr.BOX Building-9


「灯塔音乐现场 五一剧院店」「Time Beacon Wuyi Theatre」

No.2251 Zhongshan east Rd, Yinzhou District WUYI square 2F